Miguel Locke Castillo grew up watching the married superhero duo of Scarlet Avenger and Lady Jewel save his city from dangerous threats. When they died due to a tragic accident he and the rest of the country were left in a state of stunned mourning. Now, at the cusp of adulthood and with crime on the rise, Miguel has decided to pick up where his idols left off. Will he truly be able to keep his city safe?

Crimson Demoledor is a monthly serialized novel.

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Snippet from current Issue:

Another late afternoon found Miguel on patrol in the heart of San Martín. He was in his full costume, and found just his presence was enough to bring a smile to people’s faces. Some people stopped him to take selfies with him, and others thanked him for being there. Still others seemed to think twice about committing crimes or quickly, quietly returned what they stole once they saw him.

They all called him the Neo Scarlet Avenger.

–Issue #02

Fun Fact #02:

“Neo Scarlet Avenger” was not what Miguel was going to be called originally. For a while I was calling him the Orange Avenger and then realized how silly that was. During the course of editing, my editor suggested “Kid Scarlet Avenger” as a joke.  The development of Miguel’s superhero name will be explored in upcoming chapters!

FAQs concerning Crimson Demoledor:

Q: Have you abandoned this? 

A: No, I’m just on a hiatus currently.