Q: Can I write fanfiction of [insert story here]?
A: Sure, but I’d like to make a formal request that I not be sent fanfiction of my ongoing stories. I don’t want any fans to think that their works have influenced what’s happened in the stories and I don’t want to be influenced. Let’s keep this boundary between us for now, okay?

Q: Are fanarts/comics okay?
A: As long as there’s no story being told via the artwork I’m very happy to receive it and view it! I’ll even feature it on the website if you’d like via the fanart tag! But otherwise, please keep materials that might “influence” me towards a certain view of the characters or heavens forbid ships away from places I can see it for now, thanks!

Q: Can I make fan creations of [insert story here] and sell it for a profit?
A: My official stance on this is going to be no as the money isn’t coming to me. I’m trying to decide how I feel about people getting commissions done, but currently it’s not allowed.

Q: Can you release [insert story here] sooner?
A: I have a set release schedule that was worked out in advance by me and my editor, so no.

Q: What other ways can I contact you besides email?
A: I have a discord chatroom for followers  along with having a curiouscat on my twitter.

Q: Who designed your icon, banner, etc? Where did you get [image]?
A: My icons/banners/background art/etc were created by Izzybella. Social Media Icons come from Font Awesome or Socicon. Any other art featured will be properly sourced and credited on the original post.

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