May Updates

In April I announced that I would be going on a semi-hiatus. Those who follow my twitter might have noticed that I was fairly busy last month! With my undergraduate graduation coming up on May 13th, I realize that I should have just gone on a full hiatus rather than semi. I apologize for the lack of new chapters last month, but I’ll be back on track by June with Crimson Demoledor and The Secret Lives of You and Me!

I have several things I’m working on in the background for Crimson Demoledor in particular, so please don’t think I’ve abandoned it! I’ll keep you all posted as I fine tune those details, no worries.

During this month, I’ll be working on writing and editing so I’ll be on a full hiatus for posting chapters. However, I will be active with blog updates both here and on my patreon–a lot more than I was last month. Patrons will get a lot of behind the scenes info as I work on CD and Secret Lives for June.

Keep an eye on my patreon and twitter and I’ll be seeing you all soon!