New Features

As promised here I am with some updates! Writing is going smoothly as my patrons are able to see and you could too if you joined them! Moving right along, I’m waiting on grades to post but I feel comfortable stating that I have earned my official English degree!

But, that’s not what this post is about! This is a post to talk about exciting changes that are happening TODAY and will be happening in a few months!

I made a discord server so that my patrons could talk BUT I’m also gonna invite non patrons to it so that yall can talk about upcoming releases or whatever! I can’t promise that I’ll always be active in any of the many, many chats (which I’ll explain in a second) but I can promise that I will be around if need be.

So to expand on the various chat rooms now available:

  1. Updates chat: an announcement board for me to reach out to you all.
  2. General chat: any and everyone’s invited to talk here!
  3. Fans chat: all patrons at a $5 pledge and above get to hang out here together if they wanna.
  4. Super Fans chat: all patrons at a $10 pledge and above get this super exclusive chatroom just for them.
  5. Mega Fans chat: all patrons at a $25 pledge and above get this beyond exclusive chatroom just for them.

These rooms are text only because I would be so startled to hear sound constantly from strangers. I have certain rules and regulations, but those are explained in the individual chats! I just want this to be fun so let’s make sure it is! If this server doesn’t work out (aka I have to ban too many people) I might just remove it. But for now, it’s live and free to join!

So that was the first new feature coming out today.

The next thing is specifically for my patrons as a thank you gift. Starting in August all my stories will be released for my patrons eyes only a week or so in advance of the public being able to see them. This special treat should hopefully show my patrons how much I appreciate them! I’ve expanded more on patreon about what this should look like, but just know starting in August my patrons will have early access to my stories!

Also, for the curious I added two new tiers on patreon to reflect this change in my life while I got rid of the $1 tier!

And finally, I made a curiouscat for my twitter~!

Thanks so much as always for your support, and I’ll see you when I have stuff to post again!