Website Launch

December brings with it many things, and one of those major things is the end of the year. Also Christmas. I love Christmas.

However, I won’t get all deeply dramatic about the end of the year and Christmas and instead will take the time in this space to say a few short things before this holiday season gets started!

Welcome to my site! I’m going to be using this space to do a LOT of things and I can’t wait to get started. The first major thing will be the launch of my novel Crimson Demoledor which I am so excited about. In addition to CD I’ll be also posting a monthly short story called The Secret Lives of You and Me along with other things. Please look forward to that.

You can read more about me here. You can also find FAQs and a way to contact me on this site as well here.

I’m a student and a working student at that so while my site is free to the public, I am also looking for support on Patreon. You can find out more information there about what it means to pledge to me, but know this: your money is going a long way to help a black femme creator make her dreams come true.

So, I’m getting cold now which is weird because there’s no snow on the ground (I feel betrayed) so I’ll say this in closing.

Crimson Demoledor will be the start of something amazing in my life and I can’t wait to share it all with you. If you can support me on Patreon that would be greatly appreciated and the rewards for doing so are well worth it, in my eyes.

Anyway, I won’t end this by saying Merry Christmas but rather by wishing you and yours a nice and save holiday season and an enjoyable new year.