Updates on Health & Sites Changes

Today, February 10th, marks the last weekday that I am on bedrest. I have to make it through the weekend, and then I am free to resume my daily life adventures! The weirdest thing about my time off is the lack of my usual activity has forced me appreciate that I like being busy. I did what I could while at home, but it is nothing compared with being out. So, yeah, I’m so ready to rejoin society.

Moving along, there have been some slight changes that I would like to make everyone aware of.

Crimson Demoledor is now my monthly serialized novel instead of updating bimonthly!

However, despite me saying that, this month–February will hopefully see two chapters (aka issues) of Crimson Demoledor published due to the fact that I was too sick to post January’s issue because I was sick and other complications happening.

I’m well aware that I need to get more active with posting on here, so I am going to look at things I can so there’s something new at least weekly. Additionally, I want to make sure my patreon posts regularly as well. However, I will admit that I tend to keep my patreon better updated than my main site. If you’re ever truly curious of where I am (writing wise or whatever), I would highly suggest checking my twitter. I tend to update it as needed.

One potential change is that I’m currently considering restarting up a podcast I used to host that was focused on fandom issues and concerns. I’ll be figuring out if I would like to add that to my list of patron supported projects or not soon.

Anyway, today is a busy day as I have quite a few posts and links for y’all. I hope you’ll give them all a look!

The main post is, of course, (drumrollCrimson Demoledor which is now live on the site!

I’m so excited to share this novel with you all at last.

Crimson Demoledor  wouldn’t exist without the support of my patrons on patreon and my friends who listen to me cry and my editor. I’m thankful for all of them, and I’m sorry for being so late with this.

Read Crimson Demoledor here and feel free to leave feedback via the comment box!

Also, make sure to also check out the Author’s Notes for Issue #01! There’s an expanded version of it on my patreon for patrons pledging $5 or more.

And thirdly, check out the new page I created just for Crimson Demoledor for quick links to posted material and material yet to be posted!

Last but not certainly not least, make sure to check out the unofficial Crimson Demoledor playlist.