Finalized Posting Schedule & More

Another Valentine’s Day has come and gone peacefully. I’m a writer who is more interested in realistic depictions of love than in romanticized versions, so Valentine’s Day is always interesting to me. Maybe I’ll expand more on that later on, we’ll see.

I just posted up Vent 2  of The Secret Lives of You and Me, which I won’t be writing an in-depth Author’s Note for until the series has reached its end. I want to let that particular experiment speak for itself. Please enjoy.

So, moving along, the monthly posting schedule looks like this!

  • Every third Friday of the month will have a new Vent from The Secret Lives of You and Me.
  • Every fourth Friday of the month will have a new Issue from Crimson Demoledor.
  • Additionally, for patrons on Patreon who pledge $10 and up monthly, their short stories will be posted the final Friday of the month (which is typically the fourth Friday).
  • Scattered throughout the month will be small updates or surprise short stories outside of the monthly serialized works.

Look forward to Vent 3 and Crimson Demoledor Issue #02 next month!