April Updates

Hey all,

As much as it saddens me to do this I’m going to go on a semi-hiatus for big projects for April and most of May. My graduation date is May 13th and before then I have several deadlines for various classes and clubs that I’m in. I’ll still be doing things on the background, but there will be no release of Crimson Demoledor in April and possibly May. There will be new releases of The Secret Lives of You and Me, blogs, vlogs, and possibly other short stories in April and May!

I hope everyone understands, and I’ll see you all when I post the next vent on April 21st (or before then if you’re following my vlogs).

Thanks for the support,


P.S: I’ll still continue to update my Patreon with my writing progress, and will be working on the stories requested by all my patrons at the $10+ level as promised! No worries.