AN: Crimson Demolisher Issue #03

It feels like it’s been awhile–which it has!

CD is back and…has a name change! The meaning is still the same, but please enjoy Crimson Demolisher instead of Crimson Demoledor! I did this because…well, my patrons will get the full story. Maybe.

In any case, I’ve been excessively sick this month so getting this story to anything approaching 95% ready was a struggle. As such, I’m going to switch Crimson Demolisher to a every other month updating schedule instead of once a month. So, please look forward to Crimson Demolisher in August!

Also, starting in September, my patrons will be getting the chapters a week ahead of everyone else, so CD will be released after 7 days to the public.

This is an author’s note so let’s talk about the chapter, shall we? A lot happened, and still more is upcoming, but the most exciting thing is the arrival of Teo and Alex! My editor said that Teo’s characterization is the one I seem to have the best handle on…ahaha. I don’t know if that should make me happy or not but considering how dearly I adore him, let’s just say it makes me happy? You can find out what Teo looks like on my patreon or on FB where I also posted a picture (but not as detailed explanation) of him! Oh, also on Patreon is Lucas and Val’s character concepts. 

Please look forward to next chapter and make sure to check my twitter/patreon for all updates (or tumblr if you must)! I’m working on a few more things site and story wise…but those will have to stay a secret until I’m ready to announce them.