AN: Crimson Demoledor Issue #02

This is the Author’s Note for Issue #02 of Crimson Demoledor.

I won’t speak too terribly much on what just happened in Crimson Demoledor’s second issue, as I’d rather let the story speak for itself. I don’t want to impose too much of my vision on events that are unfolding, so let’s skip merrily over all that information that just happened in the new issue! Let’s look instead at something that isn’t going to be readily apparent in the main canon, but that I want to address here.

Yes, I did in fact create all new social media for this world. I know this isn’t the most pressing concern on anyone’s mind, but it matters to me. I spoke in my last post having to adjust to a situation where I was writing about experiences I had never had… and how I am trying to also be respectful of that. However, when I thought about the type of situation I wanted to create for Miguel and his friends, I also thought about the type of world I wanted it to be. This world isn’t like ours, you know? Originally, I had fake concepts for replacement social medias like Yabber for Twitter for example. My editor called me out on that, and he told me to just use the official brand names here in our world. However, this didn’t sit well with me, you know? So I thought about it, and before Issue #01 came out I sat down one day and just mapped out how social media would look in this universe.

For starters, in our world a lot of the social networking sites/apps we use are American in origin. It’s very rare that a non-American origin social network grows into a global giant. This isn’t to say that they’re not big in their original country, but there’s various barriers in place and yada yada. Anyway, I thought about that, like really hard as I looked at a list of the most popular websites in quite a few South American nations. I looked at other nations in Asia and Europe and Africa for comparison, and what I saw was… not surprising, but interesting. However, I do think as a “global society” we need to actually become global and not just say we are. Maybe what I did with the social media situation in CD was putting too much of my politics into the story. However, I personally think that most artistic expressions are political in some way or other. They can be quietly political or loudly, but art is an expression from someone who has opinions and views, and that art is shaped by those views.

So, since I’m a fan of cultural sharing and exchange I came up with the following websites/apps that you’ll see mentioned now and again in CD:

  • a popular forum that you may recognize from the ending of each issue! its origins are in Estrellas!
  • a popular video hosting site that originated as a spanish language alternative to other video sites
  • it started off as a forum but soon grew into a proper news source of its own. offers webmail services.
  • zole app: this is the application that Miguel uses to chat with Val and Lucas. It’s multi platform and originally started off as an anonymous question and answer service, but soon outgrew that.
  • mariposa app: this appeared in Issue #01! it can best be summed up as a on-the-go photo/video app that’s designed to be friendly to darker skinned people from the filters available to the way they’ve influenced camera designers to shift towards a more balanced way of looking at skin color.

There are like six more apps, but I’ll save those for another time. Anyway, the focus when I made these apps was on the promotion of culture and how that doesn’t have to be a contest of domination or suppression but can be one that encourages diversity. There’s a LOT more I can say about these apps, but I’ma be really real and say that you do not want all the details. There’s a lot that I cannot wait to explore with you all in this series and in the expanded universe when we reach that point.

So, on that note, I’m going to leave off here. Make sure to keep up to date on my progress via my twitter, and check out my Patreon (where you can find some cool exclusives)!

Till next time!