AN: Crimson Demolisher Issue #01

This is the author’s note for Issue #01 of Crimson Demoledor. 

Crimson Demoledor Issue #01 is now available to read for free on my site here.

Crimson Demoledor or CD as I typically refer to it is my serialized novel about superheroes! Specifically, CD is about a young man’s journey to become a new hero for his city after the tragic deaths of his two idols. Genre-wise I would place CD under the Speculative fiction umbrella, and all that the promises readers. After I’ve released a few more chapters I might come and revisit what that means for CD and the expanded MDRX universe to which it belongs. I might also reveal what MDRX means! 

One of the more exciting aspects of writing CD has been in crafting the universe in which Miguel lives. While it has been exciting to create the universe, it has also been frustrating at times. I am not a native Spanish speaker and I haven’t take more than a semester’s worth of Spanish. With that in mind, my primary goal was figuring out how to use Spanish in a way that made sense while additionally not dropping it into the story without any particular reason. When I do use Spanish in the story, it’s for a one of two reasons…1) It’s an untranslatable phrase/concept or 2) I need the reader to be aware that while the story is in English the characters are speaking Spanish which is why sometimes terms that are translatable will appear. Either way when Spanish appears in the story, I try and make it clear from context what is being said.

In Issue #01 we see a clear example of the second situation here during the scene at restaurant Miguel and his friends visit:

El Príncipe Rojo strikes again!”

I could have just said “The Red Prince” but for various reasons I decided to write the unknown Brite’s media given nickname in Spanish. We can call this a stylistic choice, if we must.

I had a lot of help in creating the universe for CD! I don’t know if it’s completely 100% obvious in Issue #01 but Miguel lives in South America! To be exact, he lives in a fictional country in South America, which is known as the Federal Republic of Las Estrellas (or just Estrellas). Since I am an American who has yet to visit any South American countries, I knew I would need help with CD from its conception in 2015. I was very determined in that I wanted to create a country while remaining respectful to the already existing nations. As such, I turned to the usual suspects for their assistance, since they’re amazing at helping me with developing and fine-tuning concepts. The usual suspects are, of course, my dear friends Nadia and Leo. They have been instrumental in helping shape not just Estrellas and the characters who inhabit the MDRX verse. Along with that, they are continuing to help me gain an understanding of the particular cultural commonalities and concerns that shape South American cultures and yet also make them unique.

So, while I’m working CD I’m also learning! I think that’s incredible, to be honest.

There’s a lot more I could say, and I will on my patreon for those supporters later this month, but for now this has been Sammya, and I hope you enjoyed Issue #01 of Crimson Demoledor.

Keep an eye here on the site and on my twitter for more updates regarding not just CD but all my other works too.