I’m Sammya, a writer currently based out of Saint Louis. I graduated in May 2017 with an English BA and then started work soon after on my graduate degree.

I’ve been writing since I was in middle school when I wove my first magical tale to my younger brother as an ongoing bedtime story. Years later those stories and many more are still lingering on in my heart. It wasn’t hard to decide to start sharing them rather than keeping them locked away indefinitely!

On this site, you can expect to see things as fantastical as superheroes to things as mundane as coffeeshop workers. I write what I want to see in the world which is LGBTQIA folks and characters of color living full, enriched lives.

Along with my short stories, you can expect to see some thoughts and reflections from the media I engage with. While I’m not huge on watching television, I do have a special series. Some series that I’m enjoying currently from TV shows to podcasts include: Within the Wires, Welcome to Night ValeMiraculous Ladybug and Persona 5. I  have many more interests, but they come and go.

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You can find out more on my FAQs or just contact me via email sammya@sammyaworks.com!